Environmental Commitment

At Harbor 360 Hotel, we are committed to reducing waste and using environmentally-friendly products when possible to reduce our environmental impact. We are fortunate to have Alaska’s ocean and mountain landscapes in our backyard and are committed to doing what we can to protect these beautiful places. We currently reduce our environmental impact in the following ways:

  • Use biodegradable plates, bowls, cutlery, and cups for our breakfast service
  • Constantly look for new ways to reduce paper waste in our offices
  • Eliminate as much single-use plastic as possible
  • Provide refillable shampoo and body wash dispensers in our guest rooms rather than single-use shampoo bottles
  • Encourage guests to reuse hotel towels when possible to reduce energy use
  • Use biodegradable trash bags when possible
  • Partner with and support the Alaska SeaLife Center to promote marine research and wildlife rehabilitation in Alaska
  • Additional environmental initiatives through our glacier and wildlife tour company Major Marine Tours, including the use of fuel-efficient and low-emissions engines, environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions and vessel bottom coatings, participation in the Whale SENSE program, additional partnership and fundraising efforts for the Alaska SeaLife Center, participation in environmental education programs, and partnerships with several environmental conservation and education organizations. More information about Major Marine Tours’ commitment to environmental sustainability can be found on the Major Marine Tours Going Green and Giving Back page.

Adventure Green Alaska Certification

Advelture Green Alaska Logo


Harbor 360 Hotel and Major Marine Tours are both certified “Green Businesses” through the Adventure Green Alaska program, the only sustainable certification program in Alaska. This certification process recognizes tourism businesses who practice economic, environmental, social, and cultural sustainability.